Loan Financial Information

Example Loan Terms


First time borrowers are eligible for between $300-$1,380.  Your loan will paid back in equal, fully amortizing and reoccurring payments over a term period of from 4 up to 12 months.   


Loan Repayment  

You have the right to repay your loan in full at any time with no pre-payment penalty. Your loan is structured to be paid back in equal fully amortizing installment payments over a term period of up to 12 months.  

Fee Schedule and APR  

For example, a loan of $1340 has a $100 Acquisition Fee, APR 84.48%, and 18 monthly payments of $133.60/mo totaling $2404.80.   

APR may vary from 84.48 to 113.22% depending on the amount of the loan and the term of the loan.  

Our loans vary from $100 to $1380 with repayment terms of 4 months to 12 months.  Monthly payments for such loans vary from @$49 to $134 dollars per month.